Forex Forums – Harmful or Helpful?

Anyone who has invested any time researching Forex on the web has run across the myriad of Forex Forums which exist on the net. Some are sponsored by the various leading brokers in the arena, and many are ad-supported Discussion boards planning to gather traders together to chat about the trading and strategy topics of the day. Certainly there is much to be learned from the Forums, specifically to somebody who is still rounding out their Foreign Exchange training. But, is there a chance that information overload can distract and extend the time of the ambitious trader’s growth and have a marked harmful affect on the trader’s eventual success.

The true trouble with Forex Forums is that every person who takes part is attempting to put on their “best face”, and there are usually claims of achievement and mastery, when in reality the “systems” that are being promoted in many cases are difficult to quantify and relate to others. The real truth is that the majority of Forums are a collection of “seekers”, all of whom are trying to determine who has it “figured out” so they can emulate that system and discover the success that is persistently eluding them. As every new “superstar” system comes along, the gaggle of seekers hurry in and spend time reviewing and perhaps adopting this new strategy. Not only will they spend their valuable time evaluating, getting to know, and setting up their charts/platform to adopt the new system, even worse, they often commit real money to the testing of the system hoping that THIS may be the one that changes everything. This path continues until they take a few losses, and it seems that the new system is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, so they retreat into the Forum to begin the process once again, and to seek security in the company of other people who are having the same experiences.

What they fail to understand, in most instances, is that the simple fact that these people are still SEEKING is proof that they don’t genuinely have an understanding of the character of professional, successful trading. The state of mind of the “Holy Grail” seeker is one that consistently searches for the newer, better and easier method for trading the markets. As a result, they spend enormous quantities of time, energy and capital bouncing from one system to the next, looking, poking, seeking, and in due course beginning from scratch again and again.

Going to the Forex Forums searching for a new system, or trying to get the advice of the community on the one’s “system du jour” is a sure sign that the trader is proceeding in the wrong direction. Trading success is not measured by how many different strategies you can learn and master, or in your capability to sit down at any chart, at any time and find a trade right away. Those who try to find a way to “rule” the market are condemned to failure, because the market is much too substantial and complex to be “ruled”. The trader must recognize that the market will do what it will do, and we can only try to be along for the ride as an unnoticeable tag along, purposefully choosing when to be in and when to be out, taking advantage of only the greatest probability prospects.

True trading mastery is almost always a consequence of focusing on one definable strategy or set of strategies and trading only that set of strategies for a lengthy period of time, all the while refining and sharpening the system via trade reviews, data accumulation and market condition analyses. Generally, these techniques are based in time tested and validated trading systems that professional traders have been using for hundreds of years while trading all sorts of things from rice in Japan to pork bellies in Chicago – and, of course, Forex, all over the world.

The true value in a Forex Forum is discovered when, in contrast to perplexing and distracting a trader, that Forum is used to channel the energies of a trader or group of traders, and focus their time and attention on one set of effective methods. That team of traders then will become almost like a support group for each other as they work collectively to become an expert in the group’s methods. One member’s helpful hints can be swiftly and effortlessly displayed to and adopted by the remainder of the group, and as the group evolves and profits, each member will as well. For this to transpire, however, you must recognize that these traders must have all been properly trained the same way and must have adopted the methods of the group.

Any Forum that makes it possible for traders to come in from every direction, every week touting all manners of just about every conceivable strategy is simply bound to become a graveyard for aspiring traders until those traders fully grasp the detrimental consequences that “system searching” can have on their development as a professional trader. The sooner traders extricate themselves from that game, the better.

The best guidance for an aspiring novice trader is to get a solid education that is primarily based on the foundational concepts of proper technical analysis. Be sure to go with a training course that gives you a well rounded education that includes the following: Market Analysis, Risk Analysis, Trend Analysis, Time Frame Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Evaluating Confluence, Strategic Entries, Trade Management, Money Management, Position Sizing, Trader Psychology, Trading Plan Development, Advanced Tactics for Maximizing Profits, Professional Advice on Trade Tracking and Trade Journaling, and Professional Advanced Trade Tactics.

Where You Can Obtain Internet Marketing Education

A lot of people are making money online and it’s no longer a surprise if you also wanted to. As easy as it may sound, having an online business takes a lot of work, especially when it comes to marketing over the internet. The success of this type of business is dependent on how effective your techniques are. In other words, there’s more to internet marketing business besides having a website and products to sell.

The problem with getting internet marketing education by way of self-studying can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t have the basic knowledge of what it’s all about. However, if you can learn web marketing from a single source that presents all the processes in a step by step basis, the easier it is to grasp. And this is how online marketing forums outline all the information for their members. Each step of the way is clearly presented and discussed to make learning straightforward. I know this for sure because I got my online marketing education from a forum.

If you are still doubtful about the reliability of the information provided in an online marketing forum, it can probably change your mind if you know that the people behind the creation of the forums are successful internet marketers themselves.

Internet marketers who successfully conquered the world of online business created this type of forum to give beginners the opportunity to learn internet marketing the easy way and in just a short period of time.

Although online marketing forums are usually not free, the cost to become a member is not as expensive as what many people thought it would be. The amount is very minimal, considering the valuable information you can learn out of these forums.

To give you an idea on what’s in store for you in an internet marketing forum, some of the resources may include, business models, useful tools, training materials, tips and guide to effective web marketing techniques, and many more. It’s like paying someone to educate you but with a very reasonable price, or perhaps buying a good book with a discounted price.

After finding out all this, you might say why haven’t you known about this earlier. It could have saved you time and effort. Even if you got your online marketing education from elsewhere or any other way, you can still enjoy the benefits of being a member of an online marketing forum by having access to the latest happenings in the world of online business. So, if you have a friend or someone you know who can use a good internet marketing education, give them a favor and pass this information on.

Education for All

It is a sad fact that in this highly advanced society of unbelievable modernity in lifestyle and technology, Education as a basic human right is not available to all the people of the world.

Like all other human rights, education is universal and it is an entitlement everyone can expect no matter what economic status, ethnicity, gender or religion they belong to. Education leads the way to the exercise of most other human rights by promoting empowerment of individuals, freedom of expression and provides important benefits in all spheres. Yet, it is an increasingly worrying factor that millions of children and adults globally are devoid of basic opportunities to study, mostly as a result of impoverishment and weak economies.

World bodies such as the United Nations and UNESCO have formatted legal obligations concerning the right to education for every individual. These legal instruments provide the pathway for every individual to receive access to good education without discrimination. They recognize education as a most powerful tool that can help children and adults become economically and socially empowered and help them lead more fulfilled lives.

The statistics are staggering. Nearly 93 million children all over the world remained out of school, as on 2006; nearly 80% of this number lives in Africa and in poorer regions in South Asia.

The Education for All (EFA) initiative, formed in the early 1990s involves a broad group of governments, developmental agencies and NGOs who have endorsed commitment to “six primary goals” that will enable education to reach ‘every citizen in every society’.

However, since the initiative came about, the underlying realization also set in that these goals cannot be achieved by merely providing access to education; duration and quality of education at primary and secondary levels are extremely important factors. The guiding force of human rights values and ethics must provide a backdrop in classrooms to ensure that children who enroll in primary school complete their schooling.

The agenda laid down by the EFA went under the assumption that public policy enactment can help to transform education systems radically provided governments and political resources enact policies for implementation emphasizing capacity and quality development of literacy.

By 2000, the expected targets were far from met. The World Education Forum attended by 165 countries in Dakar, Senegal proposed the Dakar Framework for Action affirming the goals of the EFA for providing quality education to all by the year 2015; particular emphasis for educating and developing the girl child received special attention. In reaffirmation, two goals proposed by the EFA – universal primary education, empowering women and promoting gender equality were included in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The UNICEF is one of the five conveners of the EFA and a key contributor in achieving the goals; its responsibility covers early childhood care, education in emergency situations and providing policy and tech support.

Indeed, achieving the goals for providing Education for All requires sustained and committed global response and involvement by civil society, development agencies, NGOs media and world governments to help every child irrespective of caste, color and creed achieve and realize the right to a quality education.